Goddess Clothing

The Goddess clothing page provides information on how to dress like a Goddess. It includes information on suppliers of ritual clothing and Goddess fancy dress ideas.

Goddess Clothing for Rituals

When working with the Goddesses you may choose to purchase special clothing for performing rituals. Below are two of my favorite suppliers. Beware these cloths are so amazing you will want to wear them everyday.

My favorite outfit in my wardrobe is a Venus skirt and butterfly top made by Chrysalis. I agree with the supplier’s description of their clothing that it is " designed as a loving celebration of women, our curves, our differences, our sacred forms." I have seen numerous people wearing this clothing over the years and it looks beautiful on all of them. The clothing is made from natural materials and the colours reflect all the beautiful shades of the chakras. Their website address is www.chrysalis-clothing.com

Whilst researching for this page I was also reminded of www.thegoddesswithin.nl a site set up by a mother and daughter in the Netherlands. I have come across this amazing range of clothing before and it is stunning. They were over in the UK for the Goddess Conference at Glastonbury in August. Check out the websites for local stockists in your area.

If you wish to make your own ritual Goddess clothing you may find the dress making pattern suggestions at the end of this page useful.

Goddess Fancy Dress Clothing

You may have arrived at this page if you've been invited to a fancy dress party and have decided to be adventurous and make your own costume.

This page will help you find information about the appearance of individual Goddesses. For instance if you have decided to dress up as the Greek Goddess Athena, go to the Greek Goddesses button on the side of this page and follow the link to Athena. Scroll down to the heading marked “Goddess symbolism” where you will find information on the Goddess's appearance including her clothing and ritual objects.

For further reference material on the styles of clothing of individual Goddess you may also wish to visit the Goddess Resources page.

Or visit my Goddess Books page for suggestions on illustrated books that you may find helpful.

Information about more recent artistic impressions can be found on the Goddess Products page. This contains links to useful sites with Goddess images, famous paintings of Goddesses as well as work by some of my favourite Goddess artists.

Goddess Fancy Dress Patterns

If on the other hand you have decided to make or adapt a more generic Goddess costume, it is worth checking out the major sewing pattern suppliers, as most companies produce a range of costume patterns.

Below are several suggestions for patterns designs for Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Celtic Goddess Costumes.

For general Greek and Roman style Goddess costumes I have found two dress patterns you may find useful. The Simplicity sewing pattern 7382 which includes patterns for a Roman and Egyptian style Goddess dress. This is an old pattern so Ebay is probable your best bet. Whilst the Egyptian/Greek costume pattern by McCalls 4954 has three different elegant designs.

If you are looking for Celtic Goddess patterns I suggest searching through patterns for medieval costumes and bridalwear. Try Simplicity pattern number 4940 for a beautiful dress and 5794 for a long lined hooded cloak. McCalls do a great medieval dress pattern number 4889 that can be easily adapted for a Goddess costume.

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