Goddess Resources

Goddess Resources will provide you with suggestions for further reading, and information about suppliers of Goddess products and Goddess courses etc.

For me the path to the Goddess continues as I devour the latest book, discover new websites and meet the beautiful people who share this journey. This will no doubt be reflected in this area of the site which will grow with me.

For ease of use I have split this section into several different pages to help you find the Goddess resource you require. 

Goddess Books

My personal journey to discover the power of the Goddess and her Archetypes is woven into this area of the site as it includes information about many of the Goddess books that have been invaluable in my research. Here you will also find details on books I would very much like to add to my collection

Goddess Courses and Workshops

Follow the link to Goddess courses and workshops page to find information on some of the amazing women who have transformed my life through their teachings. This also includes a wish list of further courses I would like to attend to deepen my knowledge of the Goddess and her Archetypes.

Goddess Products

When working with the Goddess it is a good idea to dedicate a small area of the home or garden to her. This can be decorated with Goddess statutes, Goddess art or objects that symbolize the energies you which to bring into your life. There are many other ways of Celebrating the Goddess including wearing Goddess jewellery, Goddess clothing etc. You can follow the Goddess products link to discover my favourite suppliers.

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