Goddess Names And Archetypes

The Goddess names and archetype guide, is a journey to reconnect with the Goddess that dwells in all of us. Join me and rediscover the feminine wisdom and power, woven into the Goddess myths and legends. 

Find out which Goddess names and archetypes are most relevant to you today and how to bring that energy into your everyday lives.

This site is also designed to be a useful resource for everyone who wants to learn more about Goddesses from around the world. I have broken down the Goddesses into their historical, geographic regions and also by subject.

Whether you our doing research for a project, solving a crossword clue or deciding on a name for your child or company you can use this site to quickly find the relevant information. 

For the most popular Goddesses names, I have also included information on her: main areas of influence, origins and genealogy, strengths, weaknesses, symbolism, sacred animals, birds, plants and festivals.

Writing the Goddess Guide, I re-discovered not only the ancient Goddess names and their myths but also the powerful archetypal energies they represent. These Goddess archetypes can be used as an excellent tool for self-knowledge and empowerment. How? By asking yourself which deity do you most admire? Perhaps it's Artemis with her independent spirit and fondness of nature or the wise, diplomatic, Goddess Athena.

By recognising those qualities which we admire or deplore we can begin to understand the unconscious standards and beliefs by which we judge ourselves and others. By acknowledging all these multifaceted aspects of our character we can start to re-balance and heal ourselves.

You can also visit the archetype sections of this site to find out more about the personality traits you need to strengthen or weaken in your life. For example you can use the warrior goddess energy if you are the type of person who always tries to please others, saying yes to everyone who asks you for help even when you don’t have enough time, energy or resources for your own needs.

Remember to also to pay particular attention to the shadow aspects of the Goddesses as it is important that these powerful archetypal energies are expressed in a balanced and positive way.


Finally I have taken the plunge and updated my website design, I still have to play around with it a little more. My daughter designed the header for me. I hope you like the fresher, more modern design.

At last in the Northern hemisphere we have reached that time of year when the  darkness of winter gives way to the newness of spring. Many ancient cultures celebrated the spring equinox. These people relied on the lunar and solar calendars to determine the best time to plant their crops.

Great feasts and ceremonies were held to evoke the powers of the Spring Goddesses, petitioning her to bless the land, crops and animals. These Spring Goddesses represented fertility and new beginnings. The festivals are still held in many parts of the world. Even parts of the Easter celebration is said to be based on older traditions venerating Ostara a Goddess. Her symbolism included eggs and hares, today this has been replaced by an over commercialised chocolate festival and the Easter Bunny.

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