Dawn Goddess List

The Dawn Goddess is associated, with the break of day, she was celebrated in many different ancient cultures. Below are some of the most popular dawn Goddesses.

Aja (Sumerian) - Associated with the eastern mountains where she helped the sun into the sky at the beginning of the new day.

Astarte (Phoenician) - Goddess of the morning star. Her role was later assimilated by the Goddess Ishtar.

Aurora (Roman) - was the Roman Dawn Goddess. Her name means dawn, daybreak or Sunrise. She is the personification of the first light of day.

Brigid (Celtic) - This Irish fire Goddess is often associated with the Dawn.

Eos (Greek) - She is Aurora’s Greek counter-part. Follow the link to find out more about this Goddess.

Hanwi - (Sioux) She was originally a moon but she made a mistake and was demoted to Goddess of  the dawn and twilight.

Hekt (Egyptian) - A frog-headed, Egyptian Goddess who is midwife to the sun each morning.

Ishtar (Sumerian)- As ruler of the morning star this Goddess is also linked to the dawn.

Ostara (Germanic) - Her name means East or morning light, she is also Goddess of Spring. Large bonfires were lit at dawn on the spring Equinox to honor this Goddess.

Tefnut (Egyptian) - Goddess of morning dew, linked to the East where the sun begins its travels across the skies.

Thea (Greek) - Pre-Olympian Goddess of light and mother of the dawn.

Usas (Hindu) - This dawn goddess was the remover of darkness and the bringer of light.

Zorya (Slavic) - Associated with the morning star.

The Dawn Goddess Aurora

Below is an image of  Aurora, bringing in the dawn in her chariot driven by two white horses. This image is from the Metropolitan Museum collection.

The dawn goddess represents renewal and the new hope that each new day brings. A fresh start, full of promise and possibilities. 

With modern lighting available at the press of a button, we have forgotten how precious the light of the sun was to people before we harness the power of electricity. It is only when we have a power cut, we are reminded of how difficult it would have been to complete tasks by candlelight and why in the past people often went to bed early and arose at sunrise.

The first light on the horizon still moves our human spirit as many of us appreciate the beauty of a sunrise, especially in the dark days of winter when the days are shorter. Why not get out in nature and enjoy the beauty and quiet time of the day.

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