Goddess Courses, Events and Groups

I'm not writing to plug my own Goddess Courses as I'm not a workshop leader. Instead you will find information about some of the workshops and events that are available to help you connect with the Goddess within.

I have had the great fortune to have met several of these workshop leaders who have enriched my life in many different ways.

This section also includes information on workshops that aim to empower woman.

Goddess Courses

In the Heart of the Goddess: A comprehensive three year Goddess course taught by Kathy Jones and Ren Chapman.  The teachings are based on the native Goddesses of Britain with special emphasis on those associated with the magical surroundings of Glastonbury.  For more information contact: The Isle of Avalon Foundation Ltd, The Glastonbury Experience, 2-4 High St,  Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9DU. TEL: 01458 833933


Goddess Mythology, Women's Spirituality, and Eco feminism: This looks like a fascinating Goddess course run by Athabasca University in Canada.  The synopsis of the course describes it as the study of "the evolution, fragmentation and recreation of spiritual traditions, myths and legends associated with the goddess.”   Exploring  “the symbolic significance of female divinity and the impact of its loss on all aspects of Western culture.  By critically reflecting on how spiritual symbols have been used historically to empower and disempower women."  It also studies how the modern Goddess movement has influenced the environmental movement.


Goddess Within: This two day Goddess workshop includes an introduction to the history of the Goddess and the Mother, Maiden and Crone Goddess Archetypes.  Its aim is to teach "practical ways to bring the Goddess into your life." Contact Alexandra Chaloner at Goddess Within at Healing Hands, 25 Broad Lane, Moldgreen, Huddersfield, HD5 9BX. TEL: 01484 425236 

Medicine Woman- Medicine Ways is taught from a shamanic perspective, this course is a journey through the stages of a woman's life from conception to being the enchantress and the wise woman this course is on my wish list as I have been a participant on other workshops lead by Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston. They have both deeply influenced my life and my connection with the divine feminine. For more information follow this link to the Celebrating Woman website

Bloom Retreats The workshops are run by Lynne Franks and teach "economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and community leadership."  They are held in Deia, Mallorca which provided Robert Graves with the inspiration for his book the White Goddess.  Lynne Franks has the ability to inspire and empower women to reach their full potential through her instinctive understanding of the power of the feminine. Both Deia and Lynne Franks have a special place in my heart as they introduced me to the power of the Goddess.  Find out more about these retreats at www.bloomretreats.com

Courses on Archetypes

Sacred Contracts: Through this two year programme, Caroline Myss teaches you how to interpret the language and symbolism of your personal archetypes, to help you to understand your life's purpose. For more information about this author check out her website at www.myss.com

Goddess Events

The Goddess Conference: takes place annually in Glastonbury. The theme for 2018 is the Moon Maiden Find out more at www.goddessconference.com The dates this year for the main festival are 31st July - 5th Aug. 

Goddess Spirit Rising: is hosting their second Goddess conference in California (September 10th-16th), celebrating earth mother wisdom.

The Goddess Conference: takes place annually in Glastonbury.  The theme for 2015 is the Goddess of the North, the place of winter, the ancient Crone mother and star mother. Find out more at www.goddessconference.com

Goddess Spirit Rising: is hosting their second Goddess conference in California (September 10th-16th), celebrating earth mother wisdom.

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