Goddess Gifts

Many of you may wish to purchase Goddess gifts for yourself and family.

At present this website is purely for information but I thought it useful to provide Goddess book and Goddess tarot card recommendations.

Or why not spoil yourself and celebrate the essence of the Goddess?

I did consider naming this section “Goddess Scents” or the "fragrant Goddess," because it includes information on a variety of naturally perfumed products. However I decided against both of those ideas as you might think this page was just about perfumes or cosmetics.  

Goddess Soaps

I've recently discovered the joy of soap making and bought a Goddess soap mould. As an aromatherapist, I wonder why I never thought of doing this before as it is an amazing way to benefit from the oils.  

If you fancy having a go at soap making yourself, there are several different Goddess soap moulds available at Silver Enchantments website including a spiral Goddess and triple moon Goddess mould. When making your own soaps you can use oils and fragrances that are associated with the particular Goddess you wish to invoke. 

Alternatively you could make a special purification blend to use to cleanse yourself before performing your rituals.

For ready made soaps I recommend the beautiful soaps sold by Goddess Gifts. They are produced using high quality aromatherapy oils and herbs without artificial preservatives, detergents, animal fat, or petroleum products. The site also sells a range unusual Goddess sculptures made from glass.

Goddess Incense

Making my own incense blends is another one of my hobbies; I use my essential oils and a range of dried herbs, flowers barks and resins. 

I invite you to experiment at home with your own blends using the plant symbolism sections at the end of each Goddess page to inspire you. 

Alternatively you can also buy ready made incense blends. One of my favorite suppliers of these is Starchild, their range of hand blended incenses includes:- Isis, Bast, Ceridwen and Aphrodite. 

These can be burnt as part of a Goddess ritual, invoking the powers of the Goddess and calling upon the positive attributes you wish to bring into your life. 

Starchild also stock a range of Goddess sculptures made in Glastonbury by Philipa Bowers.


Goddess Candles

13 Magical Moons make a selection of handmade Goddess candles. They have chosen colours, oils and herbs to correspond with the qualities of each Goddess.  The candles are then finished with a delicate feathering effect.  

Goddess Oils

13 Magical Moons also make Goddess oils, these contain a mixture of essential oils, herbs and gemstones blended in base oil. Every Goddess oil comes in a coloured organza bag.

These can be burnt as part of a Goddess ritual, invoking the powers of the Goddess and calling upon the positive attributes you wish to bring into your life. 

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