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The Goddess products is a page where you can find links to providers of a range of Goddess materials including Goddess art, Goddess statues,Goddess clipart, Goddess clothing and Goddess jewellery.

My aim was to share  details of some of the small shops and suppliers I have discovered over the years.  

Goddess Art/ Goddess Clipart

If you are searching for Goddess art, cards, tarot decks and calendars. I would highly recommend visiting Kriss Walder's website www.goddessart.net.

The online Encyclopedia Mythica also has a large number of Goddess images including line drawings, murals and photographs of statues, murals and temples.

The most comprehensive list of  Roman and Greek Goddess Clipart is available at Florida's Educational, Technology Clearing House site. This is a great online resource for teachers and students as upto fifty Goddess clipart images can be down loaded for free my non profit making purposes.

Goddess Gifts

For a selection of fragrant gift ideas why not visit my

Goddess gifts page where you will find a range of ideas on scented Goddess products to make and buy including: soaps, candles, incense and oils.   

Goddess Statues

Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite places to by Goddess products in Brighton. For all of you who live too far away to visit they also have an excellent website www.hocuspocus.co.uk where they stock a wide range of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Wiccan and Pagan Goddess Statues and Figurines.

The Goddess and Greenman store in Glastonbury sells a range of pagan products including Goddess plaques, Goddess blessing bowls and the Spiral Goddess by sculptor Abby Willowroot. Find out more www.goddessandgreenman.co.uk

Goddess Clothing

The Goddess Clothing section of this website includes information on Goddess clothing for rituals and Goddess fancy dress ideas. There are also suggestions for dress making patterns for those of you who may wish to make your own Goddess Clothing.

Goddess Jewellery

There are many suppliers of Goddess jewellery selling the same products on the net. I wanted to concentrate on a couple that are offering something more unique at www.womanwisdom.com/store/pendants.html

you will discover handcrafted jewellery by artist Lela Florel. Each piece  comes on a card with its own poem. My personal favourite is Mother Earth.

I also love the pendants on the site www.inside-bali-gallery.com where they combine sterling silver with beautifully carved bone and gemstones to make exquisite goddess pendants. 

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