Goddess Tarot

There is an excellent choice of Goddess tarot decks available.

These decks can be both an excellent way of familiarising yourself with the attributes of the various Goddesses and a means of gaining a greater insight into your life.

Don't forget the variety of beautiful tarot cloths and bags that are available in Goddess designs to compliment your cards.

Recommended Goddess
Tarot Decks

The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr is probable the most well-known Goddess deck.The intention behind these cards was to “create a tarot deck that would speak directly to women using our stories, while incorporating the archetypal power and symbols of the tarot." 

There is even a tiny pocket sized version and a Goddess inspiration oracle. I find this miniature size a little fiddle to use.

The Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti and Antonella Platano utilises 78 Goddesses to represent the different archetypes of the tarot. This is a more traditional tarot set both in terms of art work and the retention of the traditional card names. The deluxe set includes a handy velvet bag for storing your cards in.

The Triple Goddess cards were created by Isha Lerner and illustrated by artist Mara Frieman. These cards combine the power of chakra healing and the archetypal energies of the Goddess.  You may recognise the styling of the artwork as the illustrator’s work has been published in several We’Moon calendar.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards I have had the privilege of working with author Doreen Virtue who is perhaps best known for her connection with the angels. This beautiful oracle pack contains 44 cards depicting Goddesses from Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist, and other traditions.

The World Goddess Oracle is a set of eighty-one original cards featuring Goddesses from all around the world by Thalia Took. Unfortunately it has yet to be published as the author is still writing the instruction book. Keep up with the author’s progress at www.thaliatook.com

Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan are the most unique Goddess cards because of their round shape mirroring the symbolism of the divine famine. She also provides a black a white deck that you can colour in yourself.

The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky was given to me by a very dear friend. It is a well researched and beautifully illustrated deck and book set. What sets this oracle apart from the rest is that it also contains suggestions for rituals and meditation, these really bring the healing energies of the goddess archetypes to life.

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