Goddesses for Children and Teenagers

The Goddesses for children and teenagers page is for mothers as well as their off - spring.

In this section you will find a wealth of different Goddesses covering all aspects of childhood, from Goddesses of breastfeeding and weaning, to those that protect adolescence in their strive for independence.

Since ancient times the Goddesses have represented the cycle of life, these Goddesses have often been closely linked to the seasons and the wheel of the Year.

There are Maiden Goddesses in the teenage section. These are associated with the first blossoming of womanhood, adulthood and sexuality, and are linked to Springtime. Just as her adolescent develops breasts and becomes sexually capable, so too does the Earth swell with the promise of new life.

I have split the Goddesses for children and teenagers into two separate alphabetical lists so that you can find the information that is most relevant to you. In addition to the list of Goddesses for Children and teenagers I have also produce lists of fertility Goddesses linked and a page dedicated to the Goddesses of Childbirth and Pregnancy.

For mothers of adolescences, you may wish to work with one of the Maiden Goddesses to mark the your daughter's passage from childhood to womanhood.

These lists of Goddesses for children and Teenagers will no doubt continue to grow as I explore Goddesses from around the world.

Goddesses For Infants and Children

Aditi (Hindu) Children in India pray to her for protection as they go to sleep at night.

Al-Lat (Arabian/Persian) She was the feminine form of Allah, a giver of children and protector of the home.

Amaterasu (Japanese) Shinto Goddess of sun, family and wisdom. 

Anumati (Hindu) A lunar deity and Goddess of wealth, intellect, children, spirituality. 

Caireen (Irish) A protective Mother Goddess, who is a patron of children. 

Cuba (Roman) Goddess of infants. She protected them and was invoked by mothers trying to help their babies sleep.

Demeter (Greek) Goddess who represents the protective and caring mother figure. She is a good Goddess to call upon if you feel over-whelmed by the demands of motherhood.

Edusa (Roman) Goddess of weaning who protected children as they began to eat solid foods. 

Iyatiku (Native American) She is associated with compassion, agriculture, and children.

Juno (Roman) Protector of woman and children.  She also strengthened the bones of babies. 

Levana (Roman) was the Goddess of newborn babies.

Lilith (Sumerian) She gave birth too many of her own children and raised them by herself. She later became associated with children during the first week of life. This is a great Goddess to work with for single parents. 

Modron (Welsh) The name means mother and she represents the bond of love between a mother and a child.

Rhiannon (Welsh) Called upon by parents to protect their young. 

Rumina (Roman) Call upon this Goddess if you are experiencing problems with breastfeeding as she was said to help the milk flow.

Tatsu Ta Hime (Japanese) Children were taken to her shrines and temples at the ages of 3, 5 and 7 to receive her blessings of prosperity and a long life. 

Goddesses For Teenagers 

Abeona (Roman) Goddess who protected children when they left home for the first time. She helps children become more independent.

Artemis (Greek) She is a Goddess for children and teenagers.  As well as being a Goddess of birth she is also a symbol of youth and independence.

Blodeuwedd (Celtic) She was a Goddess made from flowers.   She was associated with the blooming of spring  and is one of the Maiden Goddesses in the Pagan tradition.

Chasca (Inkan) Protector of young maidens and Goddess of the dawn and twilight.

Diana (Roman) In addition to being Goddess of the hunt she represented youth and independence.

Hebe (Greek) Goddess of youth.

Idunn (Nordic) Goddess of youth.  

Maia (Roman) Goddess of Spring. She symbolises the innocence of youth and early womanhood.

Ostara (Celtic) The dynamic Goddess of spring, full of potential for growth and renewal.

Persephone (Greek) Is the Goddess of youth and Springtime. She represents the Maiden aspect and growing independence. She is also known as Kore.

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