Goddess Inanna

Areas of Influence: Inanna was the Queen of the Sumerian Pantheon and Goddess of love, fertility and war.

Her other names included Ninanna (Queen of the Sky) and as Ninsinanna she was personification of the planet Venus, linked to the morning and evening star.

The Babylonians knew her as Ishtar.

Sacred marriage rites were performed at the Sumerian New Year. At the ceremony this Goddess would be invoked to bless the couples with fertility.

The myths portray her as a fickle and avenging Goddess and when Gilgamesh points out her cruel treatment of her discarded lovers, she turns her wrath on him, destroying his soul mate.

Unsatisfied with ruling the upper world she descends into the underworld which was the domain of her sister Ereshkigal. She bribed the guards to let her pass through the seven gates with gifts of the clothing and jewellery she was wearing.

She is then brought before the livid Ereshkigal who turns her into a corpse.

She is eventually rescued by Enki but is only allowed to leave on condition that she finds someone to take her place. The Goddess volunteers her husband as she is angered that he showed no signs of distress at her disappearance. He has to remain in the underworld for six months of each year.

Inanna is a sky Goddess not just through her association with Venus but also because she is linked to rain and storms.

Origins and Genealogy: There is some confusion over her parents, some myths say she was the daughter An the sky God, others sources suggest her father was Nanna and her mother was Ningal.

Her siblings were Utu and Ereshkigal.

She married Dumuzi but had many other lovers.

Strengths: A ruler who others fear to cross.

Weaknesses: Fickle, always attracting new lovers and getting bored with them.

Inanna's Symbolism

Usually shown either dressed in lavish clothing or naked.

Her symbols include the eight pointed star and the rosette. The Tablets of Destiny.

In the ancient Sumerian language her cuneiform glyph was a hook shaped twisted knot of reeds, representing fertility and abundance.

Sacred Animals: Lions as she was sometimes shown riding on the backs of two lionesses. Snakes

Sacred Crystals: In the story of her descent into the underworld she is said to have worn a necklace of lapis lazuli.

Inanna's Archetype

The Prostitute:

This Prostitute represents giving away of part of yourself, spirit or integrity for financial gain. This can also include the selling of talents and ideas.

The shadow aspect of the Prostitute is linked to the use of sex and seduction as a means of control over another person.

Inanna has this Archetype as she manipulates men, she even makes her husband take her place in the underworld. This Goddess is also worshipped through acts of sacred prostitution.

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How To Work With This Archetype

According to Caroline Myss we all have this Archetype. This is because we give our power away to others when we become fearful.

This Goddess Archetype reminds us to regain the power over ourselves by finding ways to improve our self esteem and discover the beauty within.

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