The Inka Goddesses reflect the Inka view that the whole of the cosmos is made up of living energy.

The Q'eros, the modern descendants of the Inka's, continue today to work with and honor the elemental forces of nature that these Goddesses embody. 

The Q'eros also recognize Goddesses that represent large forces of nature for example Pachamama is the Earth Goddess.

They also work with the local deities of their area with streets, streams and mountains often represented by individual deities. Examples of this include Mama Simona, Veronica and Putukusi the mountain spirits known as Apus. 

There are a variety of different spellings for each of the Inka Goddesses, as Quechua the main language of the Inka’s was not written down. I have tried to include the more common variations. This is why they are also known as the Incan Goddesses.

List of Inka Goddesses

Chasca - Goddess of the dawn and twighlight, she is described as the beautiful wavy haired maiden. Chasca is linked to the planet Venus and is the servant of the Sun God Inti. She is also protects the young maidens. To find out more about other Goddesses associated with children and teenagers please follow the link.

Copacati - The lake Goddess. Her worship was centred on Tiahuanaco, near Lake Titicaca. She is often represented by images of serpents or snakes and legend says she sunk a whole town into the waters of the great lake.

Mama Allpa -Andean fertility Goddess depicted with multiple breasts. Her name translates from Quechua as "earth mother" or "world womb." To discover more about fertility Goddesses of other parts of the world please follow this link.

Mama cocha - Goddess of the ocean, her name literally means "mother ocean." She is a source of health and provider of food. She is sometimes shown as a whale Goddess. To the Q'eros, many of whom will never even experience the ocean, she represents the largest expression of the living energy of water. Smaller water deities that inhabit lakes rivers and streams are known as Phasi Runa. Her name is also spelt Mama Qocha.

Mama Kuka - The coca Goddess, her name in Quechua means "mother coca". She is associated with health and joy. In Incan mythology Mama Kuka was originally a promiscuous woman who was cut in half by her many lovers. From her body grew the first coca plant the leaves of which are chewed to boost energy and are used by the Andean priests in ritual offerings known as k'intus.

Mama Oello - The mother Goddess of the Inka who taught the people how to spin and weave. Alternate transliterations include: Mama Ocllo, and Mama Ogllo.

Mama Quillya - Goddess of the moon, she is the protector of women and is linked with the calendar marking the timings of planting the crops and the start of religious festivals. Mama Quillya is the sister and wife of the sun God Inti. In art she is depicted as a silver disk with the face of a woman. Also known as Mama Kilya. Discover Moon Goddesses from Other traditions.

Mama Zara - Goddess of grain. Mama Zara is linked with the harvest of maize in particular. In fact when the maize develops in multiple growths that look like the head and limbs of people, they are dressed in fine clothing. These "dolls" are treated as the manifestation of living energy of this Goddess.

Pachamama - Goddess of the Earth and the cosmic mother. In Quechua her name translates as our mother in space and time. To the Q'eros she is a living being on whom our physical lives depend. She also represents the element of earth. Pachamama is also the Goddess of earthquakes.

To learn more about Inkan cosmology and healing I highly recommend the website of Elizabeth B Jenkins an amazing teacher who I had the privilege to train with. 

Here you will find information on her books, courses and trips as well as the Wiraqocha foundation she set up.

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