Nike Goddess of Victory

Nike was the Goddess of victory, the ancient Greeks prayed for her protection in times of war and when for they embarked on long journeys. In the war against the Titans she was a personal Charioteer of the Gods. 

Nike is also associated with speed and agility which perhaps also explains why this Goddess of victory is used as a tradename for a famous brand of sportswear. 

Origins and Genealogy: Her father was the Titan, Pallas and her mother was an Oceanid named Styx.

She had three powerful siblings called Zelous (rivalry), Kratus (strength) and Bia (Force). Together they helped Zeus in his battle against the Titans. This allowed the Olympians to win the war.

Strengths: The personification of victory.

Weaknesses: She wants to win at all costs.

Symbolism: Depicted as a winged Goddess carrying wreath of bay leaves. These wreaths were often presented to the winners in sporting competitions. Nike is sometimes shown holding a palm leaf, representing the peace that can follow a battle.

Image of Nike

Pictures of Nike are usually shown in conjunction with Athena. An example of this is the frieze around the Athena/Nike Temple which is part of the Acropolis in Athens. In this oil flask, from a collection at the Metropolitan Museum however, we see the winged Nike carrying an incense burner.

Sacred Animal/Bird/Plant: None

Roman Equivalent: Victoria

The Greek Goddess of Victory's Archetype

The Heroine

This heroine awakens her inner strength and power so she can overcome great obstacles in life. These acts of bravery often benefit not just the heroine but her family, group or nation.

The shadow Heroine's victory is only achieved by using unfair tactics  and trickery designed to disempowered all her opponents.

This Goddess was the personification of the victorious Hero, however  Nike's great achievement comes at a heavy cost, the death of her father.

How To Work With the Heroine Archetype

The Heroine is one of your Archetypes if you have been able to rise above the numerous difficulties to become a stronger, better person. 

The shadow Heroine asks whether your victories have been at someone else’s expense or perhaps they can even be at your own expense. Take time to contemplate on whether you victory has been worthwhile. Has it cost relationships, loss of time to follow other pursuits or perhaps even beginning to impact your health and well-being.

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