Star Goddess Names

Why are there so many star goddess names? One reason is that before the modern era of electricity, the stars were more visible in the night sky. They were used for navigation, measuring time and astrology by advanced, ancient civilizations. 

Below you will find a list of Star Goddess names and information about the ancient geographical area or groups they are associated with.

Star Goddess Names List

Al -Uzza (Middle Eastern) - Her ancient sanctuary of sacred acacia trees near Mecca, has long been destroyed. She was the star goddess associated with the morning star. Her name translates as "the mighty," reflecting the warrior aspect of this goddess.

Amaltheia (Greek) - In one version of the story of Zeus it was this goat tending goddess whose milk fed him as an infant. In recognition for saving his life he transformed her into the constellation Capricorn.

Andromeda (Greek) - I have included this name from Greek mythology however, she was a mortal not a Goddess. A whole galaxy full of stars was named after her. She was chained to a rock by the jealous Zeus. He was angered by the bragging of her beauty by her mother. She was later rescued by Perseus and after death, given a place in the heavens by his sponsor, Athena.

Astarte- (Phoenician) - This celestial deity was associated with Venus, the morning star, sensuality and war. She appears clad in flames and carries a sword and quivers full of poisoned arrows.

Austrine - (Baltic) - She was the "lady of the morning star." Her duty was to prepare a passage for the Sun at the start of each new day. 

Belit-Ilani (Babylonian) - This star goddess's name means "mistress to the gods." she was linked to the evening star. She is shown as a goddess suckling and blessing the child in her arms.

Cassiopeia (Greek) - She was the mother of Andromeda and like her daughter was sent to the heavens after her death. A constellation of stars is named after her.

Callisto (Greek) - This pregnant nymph was changed into Ursa Major by Artemis who was furious that she had gone against her promise to remain chaste.

Citlalicue (Aztec)- The creator goddess whose skirt formed the milky way.

Gendenwitha (Iroquois) - Like many of the star deities, she was originally a mortal. When one of the God of Dawn's employees left the heavens to court her, without his permission, he became so enraged he turned her into the morning star. 

Hesperides (Greek) - This is the collective name given to Nyx's daughters. These star goddesses were the guardians of sacred objects and secret rites performed by the light of the moon and stars.

Ishtar (Babylonian) - This complex goddess assimilated many roles of earlier goddesses. In addition to being the goddess of the moon, she represented the morning and evening star.

Maia (Greek/Roman) - Her name appears in the mythology of both these ancient civilizations. She is the oldest star in the Pleiades.

Maya Owichapaha (Lakota) - This star Goddess's name means "She who pushes them over the edge." She lived in the south of the Milky Way. As the souls of the dead rise up into the heavens, it is her job to judge their earthly deeds. When they were found wanting, she casts them out into the great void.

Matririki (Polynesian) - Together with her six daughters the formed the Pleiades. Festivals are held to these goddesses to celebrate the harvest as this constellation appears in the night sky at that time of year.

Merope (Greek) - She was a nymph and one of the daughters of Atlas. She forms part of the group of stars known as the Pleiades. She is the faintest star as she is said to hide her face in shame, for having sex with a mortal.

Pleiades (Greek) - The seven daughters of Atlas. Their names were Electra, Maia, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, and Merope. These nymphs were Artemis's maids. they became the star constellation after the fall of the Titans. 

Sweigsdunka (Lithuanian) - She was married to the sky god. She was the goddess of weaving who created the blanket of stars that covers the world each night.

Tara (Hindu/Buddhist) - She is linked to human enlightenment. Her name means star in Sanskrit.

TouMou (Chinese) - Goddess of the polestar and record keeper to the gods and mankind.

Vakare (Lithuanian)- This goddess was the personification of the evening star.

Venus (Greek) - The planet Venus is named after this Grecian Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Zorya (Slavic) A triad of star goddesses who prevented Ursa Minor from being devoured by a dog. They represented the morning, evening and midnight star

What I noticed from my research in star goddess names was that many of these Goddesses do not represent individual stars, instead they are groups of stars or alternative names for the planet Venus. Even today Venus is known as the morning star.

For information about other celestial goddesses, why not check out the moon and sun goddess areas of this site.

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