Themis The Greek Goddess

Areas of Influence: Themis the Greek Goddess was one of the ancient Titans.

She was the Greek Goddess of divine justice, order and customs. In this role she sat in judgment of the recently deceased and decided whether they were sent to Tartarus or the Elysian Fields. This role is very similar to that of the earlier Egyptian Goddess Ma'at

She was the Goddess who called the Gods to assemble before Zeus and kept order during their lavish banquets.

Themis the Greek goddess also advised her husband on the principles of divine law and the rules of fate.

This Goddess also had the ability to foresee the future and was in charge of the Oracle of Delphi before she handed it over to Apollo.

Origins and Genealogy: This Deity was the daughter of Gaia and Ouranus, she had six brothers: Cronus, Oceanus, Hyperion, Lapetus, Cruis and Coeus and several sisters including Tethys, Theia, Pheobe and Mnemosyne.

With Zeus she had several children: Eunomia (order), Dike (justice), Eirene (peace) and the Moirai (the Fates). She is also considered by some to be the mother of Prometheus.

Strengths: Balancing and just able to predict the future.

Weaknesses: Very exacting in her standards.

Themis's Symbolism

Themis is often shown blind folded holding the scales of justice.

Roman Equivalent of Themis: Lustitia

Themis The Greek Goddess Archetypes

The Judge

The Judge's role is to balance justice with compassion. Ensuring a distribution of power that provides realistic and fair boundaries that encourage people to take responsibility for their actions.

Shadow Judge misuses his power to enforce rules over others by manipulating laws. They are over critical and very judgmental of others, the sort of tyrant that makes you feel you are tip toeing round on eggshells trying not to draw their wrath.

This is an obvious choice of Archetype for Themis the Greek Goddess as she is Goddess of Justice.

The Visionary

The Visionary is able to track probable outcomes for the future and able to envisage a better way of living for all mankind. They are clear channels for spirit communication.

Shadow Visionary sells their prophetic abilities to the highest bidder. They may even manipulate what they have seen to make it more palatable for their audience. The other shadow Visionary is so absorbed in their dreams that they are unable to function in the everyday world.

As keeper of the Oracle of Delphi Themis the Greek Goddess fits this Archetypal role. It is she that prophecies that Zeus will like his father before him be overthrown by one of his children.

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How To Work With these Archetypes

The Judge:

The Judge is one of your Archetypes if you work in roles where you are often called upon to mediate between different sides. You may also have high standards and ideals which you encourage others to adopt.

This Archetype is an excellent one to work with if you are facing any legal proceedings or other situations in your life where you want justice to be done.

This Goddess should only be invoked if you wish to work with the universal laws of harmony and justice. If you are trying to enforce your own standards or seek revenge for perceived wrong doings you will be working with the Shadow aspect of the judge.

The Visionary:

You may be drawn to the Visionary if you possess psychic or visionary abilities yourself. The shadow aspect of this Archetype reminds you to use your gifts wisely and to remember to stay grounded in this reality.

You may also seek out this Archetype if you are at a cross roads in your life and are unsure what path to take. Work with this Goddess and look for the signs/symbols which will point you in the right direction. Remember that the path she indicates is the one for your highest good.

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