The Water Goddess

The Water Goddess is found in all ancient cultures, reflecting the importance of this precious element in everyday survival. 

There are Goddesses that represent water in all its forms from sacred wells and lakes to the seas and immense oceans that cover our beautiful planet.

Like nature the Water Goddess represents both the positive and negative attributes of water. For example the Nile Goddess, Anuket was worshipped as her floodwaters brought water and silt that enabled the crops to grow.

In contrast Ix Chel the Mayan deity was often feared for the destructive storms and tides that she brought.

These goddesses are often associated with fertility and creation myths like Nammu the Sumerian deity who represents the formless waters that birthed the universe into being. Since Goddesses reflect the whole cycle of life there are also Water Goddess associated with death like the Greek Goddess Styx, the personification of the underworld river that separates the living from the dead.

Below I have separated the Goddesses into three main sections: Goddesses of sacred lakes and springs, river Goddesses and sea Goddesses. This should ensure that you are quickly able to find the information you need.

Sea Goddess

Aphrodite (Greek) – She is often associated with the ocean as she was born out of sea foam.

Amphitrite (Greek) - Goddess of the ocean and consort of the God Poseidon. She lives in a cave under the sea and looks after all the sea creatures.

Brizo (Greek) – Sailors made offerings to her to her to ensure safe passage.

Cymopoleia (Greek) – Daughter of Poseidan and the Goddess of storms.

Doris (Greek) – She personified the sea’s abundance.

Keto (Greek) – The marine Goddess of sea monsters.

River Goddess

Anuket (Egyptian) - The Nile River Goddess. For more information and images of the Nile Goddess I recommend the Land of Pyramids website.

Boann (Celtic) – Goddess of the River Boyne in Ireland. Like many water Goddesses she is linked to fertility and inspiration.

Brigantia (Celtic) – Several rivers are named after this Goddess of flowing water including the River Briant and the Brent.

Ehuang (Chinese) – One of the Goddesses associated with the river Qiantang.

Ganga (Hindu) – The personification of the most sacred river in India, the Ganges. She has the power to cleanse away bad karma.

Isis (Egyptian) – This famous Goddess was born in the swamps of the Nile.

Sequana (Celtic) – Goddess of the mighty River Seine.

Sinann (Celtic) – Irish Goddess linked to the River Shannon.

Styx (Greek) - Not all river Goddesses are associated with the life giving qualities of water. Styx is the river that separates the living from the dead.

Water Goddess of Sacred Lakes and Springs

Coventina (Roman) She is the Goddess of the sacred spring sited next to Hadrian’s Wall.

Juturna (Roman) – Goddess of fountains and wells.

Lady of the Lake (Celtic) - She gives Arthur the magical sword Excalibur. She is known by many different names including Ninianne, Viviane and Nymue.

Nerthus (Nordic) – The Goddess of sacred lakes and springs.

Sulis (Celtic) – The Goddess of the healing, thermal, springs in Bath.


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