Winter Goddess

The Winter Goddess is part of the cycles of the seasons. She represents a time of stillness and going Within. She is the face of death as not everything will be renewed and transformed in the spring. 

The Goddess of winter is carries the seeds of your dreams, to be nurtured through the darkness so it can grow new hoots in the spring. In winter everything is striped bare to the essentials, there is no outward growth just the potential of the void where new life force can be crystallized as the warmth of the sun returns.

The start of winter is celebrated in different ways in many parts of the world. It is the time of year when the veil between us and the spirit world is said to be at it's thinnest.

In the Christianised areas All Saints Day is a reminder that "good" has conquered "evil" as the spirit world isn't even allowed to exist with of course the exception of the Holy Spirit. Alongside this the commercial festivities of Halloween give expression to the archetypes of our myths, stories and the  unconscious.

In Mexico at the beginning of November they celebrate their ancestors with the Día de los Muertos "the day of the dead". The Mexicans build altars in their homes honoring their dead, using sugar skulls, marigolds and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed. Families often gather at grave yards to celebrate  their ancestors, offering them food and gifts. These traditions date back many years and have been linked to the Aztec festival dedicated to the Goddess Mitctecacihuatl "the lady of the dead."

Samhain for Pagans and Wiccans celebrates the Crone aspect of the Goddess. She is the wise old woman who has gained knowledge by observing the cycles of life and death. Nothing escapes her beady eyes as she has seen it all before, if you seek her out her out make no excuses for she will see through all your fears  and self deceptions. Her honesty is sharp like the cracking of an icicle. If you have the courage to face her she will instruct you on which bits of you life need to be pruned hard back to allow for new growth. Goddesses associated with this time of year include: Cerrwidwen Ereshkigal Hekate Hella and                        Nephythys 

For more examples and information about these Goddesses please visit the page on this site dedicated to the Crone 

Working With The Winter Goddess

The end of Summer and the beginning of winter is a great time to review your life. It is an opportunity to explore the successes and failures of the last year. Ask yourself what you need to let go of, what patterns of behaviour no longer serve you? The start of winter is also the time to plant the seeds to your dreams. Ask yourself what you want to put your energy into, which direction do you wish to follow?

Remember also that Winter Goddess is not about action, it is the "looks within place" when nurturing yourself, stillness and listening to the wise woman within will provide the catalyst to growth in the spring. It is the time of becoming a human being not a human doing.   

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